Pro Amino Pack (protect & maintain)




For those looking to maintain their clear complexion and delay the physical signs of ageing, DMK's Protect & Maintain Essential Pack aims to help the skin defend itself against environmental damage. The Protect & Maintain Pack is designed for neutral skins without the presence of difficult conditions. In convenient travel size bottles, never leave the house without the essential DMK skincare products!

DMK cleansers are designed to cleanse the skin and remove embedded impurities. DMK offers a Milk Cleanser for reactive, dry skin or Deep Pore for oily skin types.

This pack contains:

  • 2500 Ess Deep Pore/Milk Cleanser 60ml
  • 2502 Ess Herb & Mineral 60ml
  • 2508 Ess ProAmino Crème 15ml
  • 2503 Soleil Protect SPF15 60mlBM
  • 650 Protect & Maintain Instructional Flyer

All DMK products are prescription only. To order, click here and fill out our DMK product form. Someone from Skinvae will be in touch soon to provide a phone or in person skin consultation.

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