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Flavour Body

Designed to support detoxification, help alkalise the body and combat the effects of free radical damage, this bio-fermented duo works together to cultivate clear, smooth skin.

Antioxidant- A probiotic elixir to reduce the appearance of dull, stressed, sun-damaged skin from the inside out. With bio-fermented papaya, pomegranate green tea and vitamin E, to help protect against free radical damage, fight premature ageing and nourish the gut.

Cleanse- Designed to support your body’s natural detoxification for clear, smooth skin, balance gut health and promote radiance, this alkalising super-greens supplement is rich in digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics. Ideal for combatting acne and sluggishness after times of excess.

Body- A probiotic protein and wellness powder to support metabolism, nutrition and immunity. With over 40 Certified Organic wholefood ingredients and vitamin D to help build, repair and maintain healthy muscles and vitamin C to protect against free radical damage and premature ageing.

Comes in chocolate or vanilla

Orders to be received before May 8th for mothers day delivery.

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